On Tuesday, March 30, 2021 the average US Dollar exchange rate in Mexico was 1 Dollar = 20.5227 Pesos

⇩ -0.0393 -0.19%



Banking Day

Week To Date ⇩ -0.02 -0.09%

Month To Date ⇩ -0.30 -1.46%

Quarter To Date ⇧ 0.66 3.33%

Year To Date ⇧ 0.66 3.33%

With Biden ⇧ 0.90 4.61%

With AMLO ⇧ 0.43 2.15%

Comparison table of one Dollar exchange rate to Mexican Pesos that was published by banks and the Mexican government entities.
Banco Azteca
Banco BASE
Banco de México, FIXFIX
Banco de México, Interbancario 48 hrsInterbancario
Banco de México, Interbancario 48 hrs aperturaApertura
Banco de México, Interbancario 48 hrs cierreCierre
Banco de México, Interbancario 48 hrs máximoMáximo
Banco de México, Interbancario 48 hrs mínimoMínimo
BBVA Bancomer
DOF, Diario Oficial de la Federación
Para pagos de obligacionesPara pagos
SAT, Servicio de Administración Tributaria
Ve por mas
n = 2020.271220.7741

Dollar news of Tuesday, March 30, 2021


As Mexico's largest migrant camp empties, new tents spring up along border

Mexican authorities hope most of the asylum seekers living in a major encampment on the border will be allowed to enter the United States by the end of next week, according to a Mexican government source.

> U.S.

Fact-Checking Claims on the Migrant Surge at the U.S.-Mexico Border

As migrants arrive at the southwestern border in increasing numbers, lawmakers and officials are misleading about border policies, migrants, the coronavirus and immigration flows.

NBC News

Mexico City lets bars open as restaurants to boost economy

“I repeat, the bars are not opening," said Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, stressing they are opening as establishments that serve food and follow social distancing measures.

ABC News

Mexico: 2.7M U.S. vaccine doses to arrive next week

Mexico's top diplomat says the U.S. will send 2.7 million doses of unused AstraZeneca vaccine next week, and acknowledges there are questions about whether Mexico agreed to close its southern border in exchange


Mexico’s Militarized Migration Crackdown Puts Migrants at Risk

The deployment of Mexican troops and other enforcement officials to its southern border puts migrants at risk of human rights violations.

EL PAÍS > Americas

Mexico’s president ramps up attacks on all sides ahead of June elections

Andrés Manuel López Obrador is hitting out against the energy sector, the judiciary and the feminist movement, but he still maintains high approval ratings and is expected to sail to victory

Fox News

New Mexico rancher encountering migrants near her house: Biden admin gave 'green light'

A rancher from New Mexico, Amanda Adame, told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that migrants have been getting “fairly close” to her house and have been asking her for food and water amid the surge at the U.S. southern border.

Fox News

New Mexico rancher: Wandering immigrants offer payment for rides to major US cities

New Mexico rancher Amanda Adame recalls details of run-ins with migrant groups on her property.


New video shows conditions inside border facility - CNN Video

New video from inside a border facility in Donna, Texas, shows overcrowded conditions as migrants continue to cross the US-Mexico border.

Forbes > Markets

Pandemic Blues To Weigh On Cimarex Energy Stock

The shares of Cimarex Energy (NYSE: XEC) surpassed the pre-Covid level of $55 as OPEC announced the extension of production curtailments at its ministerial meeting on March 4. Cimarex is an independent exploration and production company with operations in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma...

Trefis Team
ABC News

The Latest: Mexico's president knocks US over vaccines

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has taken a dig at the U.S. government, saying the United States has not helped Mexico with coronavirus vaccines


Thousands flock to Mexico City protest against President Lopez Obrador

Thousands of protesters marched through central Mexico City on Saturday in one of the biggest demonstrations against President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador since he took office nearly two years ago.


U.S. Begins Letting In Migrants At Mexico Refugee Camp

The Biden Administration's reversal of the program known as "Remain in Mexico" does not mean that everyone affected by it gets automatically let into the United States.

> World

U.S. to Send Millions of Vaccine Doses to Mexico and Canada

The announcement came at a time when the Biden administration has been quietly pressing Mexico to ramp up its efforts to limit the flow of migrants.

Fox News

VP Harris thanks Guatemalan President Giammattei after his crackdown on migrants, doesn't visit border

Vice President Kamala Harris shared a call with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei Tuesday to discuss immigration amid a surging crisis and despite declining to visit the U.S.-Mexico border herself since taking office.

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